Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Has been an amazing experience making these tracks every month, sharing creative time with so many people I admire and love as people.

Grateful to The Leaf Label for their support and patience with me and to john for mastering all the tracks

I’m excited to say that all 12 singles will be available on a 24-track, double CD next March. More news soon…

Hope you all are having an amazing Christmas and wish you a happy and fulfilling new year

from seb


Days And Nights At The Takeaway 7: July

Our July edition of Days And Nights At The Takeaway, which is on sale today, sees Seb collaborate with American jazz pianist Jason Moran.

The track ‘Years’ takes a slightly different approach to the previous releases of the series, with Seb layering drums over an improvisation Moran sent him.

“I was blown away by the music” Seb says, “and felt a little intimidated by it. I decided to not listen to it again until I threw myself in and improvised live drum takes and live iPad and synth figures, and took it from there.”

Moran’s ‘Improvisation’ can also be heard in its original form on the second track.

“This improvisation was taken from a solo concert in northern Italy,” says Jason. “Midway through my performance I realised, I owe Seb some music! So, this piece arose out of the many conversations Seb and I have had about sound. I thought the flurry of glissandos would pique his interest. I love the outcome.”

“I felt the original piece Jason sent was so incredible that I wanted other people to hear it,” adds Seb.

Check out our Bandcamp to stream or purchase the tracks and catch up on the rest of the series. Remember we’ve just added an exclusive 6 month bundle featuring all 12 tracks from Jan-June at a discounted price, check it out here.

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Days And Nights At The Takeaway 3: March

The next single from Days And Nights At The Takeaway, Sugah Sweet, is a collaboration between Seb and shadowy dubstep types LV (who also remixed the first release in the series), creating a bubbling hybrid of electronics, cut-up vocals and live drums.

“It was really amazing watching Si and Wil play together,” says Seb, “They’re so in tune with each other, it’s beautiful to see. Doing stuff with LV suddenly made me realise how much inspiration I’m getting doing these tracks with everyone, and how getting to know people by making music with them means that your instinct and trust become the most important parts of the creation.”

The remix this time is by the multi-talented Micachu, under her M.A.T.H.E.S. moniker

“Mica is for me a very special person – her music always inspires and moves me,” says Seb. “Her creativity constantly changes the way I feel about what music can be, and everything she creates is always so uniquely hers. I love what she created from our track.”

You can listen to the tracks below and download them now from our Bandcamp page.

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