Days And Nights At The Takeaway 2: February

The second instalment of Days And Nights At The Takeaway, is released this Friday. The new track, ‘Faint Eligible Remains‘, is a collaboration with multi-talented London-based composer/producer/guitarist Leo Abrahams.

“We started this track by using a machine leo took round called the luminist garden,” Seb explains, “It’s like a little garden made of wires that reacts when you run your fingers through it or play some sound on it”

The sounds generated by this intuitive, looping soundboard device were then supplemented by piano (played by both musicians) and guitar.

As with all the singles in the series, the piece is backed with a remix, this time by fellow Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland-founder Pete Wareham. You can hear the tracks now and purchase them from this Friday (Feb 24) on our Bandcamp page.

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