Welcome To The Takeaway!

Days And Nights At The Takeaway is a new monthly singles club, curated by Polar Bear‘s Sebastian Rochford, which will run throughout 2012. On the last Friday of each month (payday!), The Takeaway will release a brand new track, featuring Seb collaborating with different musicians every time. Each single will be backed with an exclusive remix.

All the tracks will be recorded in Seb’s studio in a former London takeaway (hence the name). Seb will be working with some spectacular guests so keep your eyes peeled on The Takeaway for news, photos and videos.

The first release in the series, ‘Love A Sacred Path‘ features American poet & singer Gina Loring and British Indian vocalist Ranjana Ghatakand a superb b-side remix by Keysound/Hyperdub mainstays LV.

“Gina and Ranjana had wanted to do something together for a while, and we made this track when Gina was over from LA for a couple of weeks,” says Seb of the hook-up, “This is what we made. Hope you enjoy it!”

You’ll be able to hear and purchase it on our Bandcamp page from January 27th.

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