Days And Nights At The Takeaway 9: September

September marks the three-quarter point in The Takeaway project. This month sees Seb collaborating with Babyshambles bassist and backing vocalist, Drew McConnell to produce not one single but two.

This isn’t the first time they’ve worked together, having previously worked under the Helsinki Collective banner. “Drew had mentioned he wanted to do something out of his usual sound world,” says Seb, “So it felt like a natural thing to explore this for the Takeaway.”

Breaking away from the usual single and remix format, Drew and Seb created a double header with two contrasting singles ‘Joy in the Morning’ and ‘Mostly Harmless’.

“The day passed amidst tea, cigarettes and laughter, peppered with conversations of doubt and hope,” says McConnell of the experience. “Throughout which, expertly, almost subversively, Seb extracts the stuff of two songs. I barely noticed.”

You can purchase and listen to all nine Takeaway singles on our Bandcamp page.