Days And Nights At The Takeaway 10: October

The October entry in Sebastian Rochford’s audio diary sees him collaborate with celebrated British cellist Oliver Coates. All the sounds on their brooding, cinematic track, ‘The Boat Sails To A Blind Horizon’, come from the cello or Coates’ voice, speaking about the past into the microphone.

The result is eerie and dislocated as explained by Coates, “A voyage to uncharted Scottish isles, a kind of transplanted Heart of Darkness, arose from a geometry that Seb and I agreed on. It was a form we both obeyed, almost a third person in the room. As a by-product, this strong shape changed our attitude towards the sound itself.”

Leeds-based Chris Sharkey, best known as the guitarist of trioVD and Acoustic Ladyland (of which he was a member with Seb), completes the package with a hypnotic remix that subtly draws out new aspects of the original.

You can listen and purchase October’s single, plus the previous nine, on our Bandcamp page.