Days And Nights At The Takeaway 5: May

As Days and Nights at the Takeaway enters its fifth month, we bring you a fabulous collaboration between Seb and Alice Grant. This isn’t the first time the pair have worked together however, having performed in Fulborn Teversham and Acoustic Ladyland.

“Working with Seb on Rini Gave Word was a special day,” says Alice of the recording, “It’s always a joy to work with Seb. It’s been a while since we’ve played together and it was so much fun and really inspiring, as always. I brought along the bare bones of a song I’ve been working on and he took the music in a completely different direction than I would have if I’d finished it on my own.”

Rini Gave Word‘, which is released today, takes a seed of cosmic folk and plants it in a bed of languid lo-fi electronics and percussion and features Alice on drums.

Seb explains “When we got the arrangement down I asked Alice to record some drums on it to which her reply was “but i dont play drums”. For me though, I had a feeling she would play something I would never think of, that would give the song a different feel and I loved what she did. Hearing people playing drums that don’t normally play has always been an inspiration to me and something that I also love about the instrument, the way that it can be so friendly in its first approach”

The bonus remix this month is by the uncategorisable and unique British musician and composer Simon Bookish, and it’s a winner.

Visit our Bandcamp to listen and buy the single now, and catch up on all the previous releases which include collaborations with Jehst, Gina Loring, Micachu and LV among others.

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