Days And Nights At The Takeaway 6: June

The halfway milestone in our year-long project, Days And Nights At The Takeaway, is reached with this epic, slowly unravelling piece recorded with acclaimed British Bengali sarod player Soumik Datta (the sarod is a smaller, more portable version of the sitar).

‘In Slow City’ is based on a raag called ‘Nat Bhairav’,” says Seb. “For this one I wanted to try something that was more of a live performance. I wanted to keep the piece close to how we played it, in the way it slowly grew, which is why it’s around fifteen minutes long.”

‘In Slow City’ has also been reworked by Seb’s Acoustic Ladyland bandmate, bassist Ruth Goller, who has transformed the original into a charmingly peculiar Syd Barrett-like song.

“I had a feeling Ruth would make something I would never ever expect,” says Seb, “And I absolutely adore what she did.”

Head over to our bandcamp now to listen and purchase the single as well as catch up on all the previous singles.

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