Days And Nights At The Takeaway 8: August

For the 8th instalment of our project Seb collaborates with good friend and ex-Menlo Park bandmate Chris Taylor.

“Seb and I have in some sense grown up in music together”, says Chris. “We found each other in the dingy upstairs of an East End bar and formed what would become Menlo Park together. We worked very closely for the next eight years. When I say closely, I once awoke on some low budget tour to find myself being lovingly embraced by Seb in a fashion best described, I suppose, as spooning. I debated whether to wake him up to let him know I wasn’t the girlfriend he was muttering about but I thought against it and decided that, if you can’t spoon with your drummer, what kind of band are you?”

For this months track ‘Seven Sisters’, Chris contributes piano and vocals, crediting Seb for “capturing the subtle energy and flavours” of their composition, which he regards as “dirty, messy, unkempt, mean-spirited, but loveable, badass, genre nonspecific”.

The remix this time round comes from another former Menlo-Park member, Chris’ business partner John Greswell.

You can also listen to and purchase the single over on our Bandcamp, and catch up on all of the previous Takeaways. Remember we’ve also added an exclusive 6 month bundle featuring all 12 tracks from Jan-June at a discounted price, check it out here.

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