Days And Nights At The Takeaway 12: December

So the last one in our series, ‘Dream Nails’, was recorded with the master of sound, Brian Eno. It’s a song about the area Seb lives in. It also features Underworld‘s Karl Hyde and Seb singing. 
“The song started as an improvisation guided by Brian,” says Seb. “Seeing Brian playing the bass and keyboard in this little space and having to press the record button on my computer himself made me feel first embarrassed, but also amazed at his humbleness. For me, this kind of openness is part of what makes him such a continuously inspired creator.”

“I loved having Karl play on the track too, he plays so beautifully and sensitively. I didn’t even know he played guitar! To have both these incredible musicians give their time to make music with me in my place was really very special for me.”

Polar Bear’s Tom Herbert supplies the final remix of the series. This single, the second 6 month round up bundle and the previous 11 singles are all available on our bandcamp.


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